Saturday, July 03, 2021

The Biden Admin's Latest Bit Of Cringe, Now With An Ex-Michigan Governor

A cringe-worthy propaganda piece from the Biden administration trying to push the bipartisan infrastructure bill (A bill that sis neither bipartisan anor solely about infrastructure), featuring Michigan's 2nd worse governor in recent history and a Chevy Bolt has gone viral, and it's as bad as you think it would be.

The Detroit Free Press: President Biden surprises GM's Barra by using a Bolt in video gone viral

Very cringe-worthy, and I doubt Granholm's solar panels alone are recharging her Bolt.  You can also hear her stumble on a few of her lines, which is hilarious.  The dialogue does tend to be rather stilted and shows Boomers trying to speak Millennial at times like its a foreign dialect.

Also did you notice that our former Governor Granholm doesn't seem to know how to wear a seatbelt?

Does anyone wear a seatbelt like that when they are actually in a front seat of a vehicle? She'd get a ticket if she was in Michigan wearing a seatbelt like that.

Did you hear where they talk about how excited they are at 2:23 when they talk about electric transit buses?

Well Granholm was certainly excited, all the way to the bank:
Granholm questioned about potential conflict of interest with bus company

Report: Biden Energy Secretary Receives Waiver to Dump Massive Amount of Electric Bus Company Stock

Ethics, after all, are for the little people.

So EVs are supposedly it, even as some places like California and New York City are requesting people not charge their cars due to energy shortages from a lack of production facilities.  

Maybe an Energy Secretary should look into that?


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Now you know that the rules and transportation like electric buses and cars are for "the little people". They will be chauffeured around in gas vehicles "for security reasons" so they will be exempt from that stuff, same as ethic clauses.

Nuke Road Warrior said...

Man I had to bail out early, the B.S. was getting too deep here. Yeah 500,000 charging stations are going to "cure" "range anxiety." Based on how well previous "infrastructure" bills solved the problem of deteriorating bridges and roadways, I'm guessing it'll be 2121 or later before the charging stations are completed, especially in rural red states. By that time some other, non-compatible, technology will replace battery operated electric cars that take an hour to "fast charge." It's as if in the early 1900's the federal government decided fo fund coaling and watering stations for locomotives on all the railroads and were able to complete the project by 2010.