Saturday, July 03, 2021

Detroit Ruinz - Fisher Body Plant 21


It has certainly seen better days

Went to Detroit's Eastern Market today with the family for some produce.  Got to pass by some of the ruins of the city as we went, including the Fisher Body Plant.

Built in 1919 it built Buick and Cadillac bodies. The plant shut down in 1984.  It was then used by the Carter Coat Company for painting from 1990 to 1993 when that company filed bankruptcy.  The property has been owned by the City of Detroit since 2000 and the building has been in constant decline.


drjim said...

Slowly returning to the Earth. What's the situation with squatters and properties like this?

Aaron said...

The biggest issue is the scrappers and vandals. With the scrapers removing anything of value from the building and the vandals trying their best to destroy the rest.

You can see some interesting interior shots of the ruin at Abandoned Spaces and 99wfmk.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Its sad to see that kinda stuff, I was in the automotive industry and would love to see a renaissance in Detroit of American Iron but the policies of that city make that a hard sell for anybody wanting to try to rebuild.

Pigpen51 said...

It really is sad, when you see a once robust city die, when once it was part of the backbone of America. Of course, the companies and the unions were both to blame, but there is nothing to be gained for seeking to place blame now.
It is nothing but a sad lesson for other cities to hopefully learn from, if they are interested in trying to avoid the same thing from happening to themselves. For it really is avoidable, if they want to avoid it. First the must truly want to grow and avoid the trap that Detroit and all the other Democrat controlled cities that have died have allowed to trip themselves up. That trap is different for each city, yet it shares a similarity. The trap is that the government begins to look at certain people as being better than others, and attempts to elevate one group over the other, at the detriment of the group that doesn't meet their qualifications. Usually it is the White population. The Democrats are seemingly attempting to make up for a past of wrongs that they have perpetuated against the minorities, by overcompensating. As we can see, it doesn't work, because by doing that, they end up causing anger between the two sides, and eventually there will be either violence or at the least, hatred.
Once you see this anger between most of the citizens of the city, it is nearly impossible to get them to agree on anything that could bring the city back in a positive direction, no matter how wise of a move it might be. Because the trust of government is gone, and neither side will ever trust the government again, as long as the same basic members are still in power.
Right now, there are probably a dozen cities in America that face this prospect, with many others that could head in that direction, with enough of a push. Sadly, it looks like they have been pushed towards that direction, purposefully, with the hope of breaking the nation apart, in order to rebuild it in a Socialist type of society, which is pretty much what the liberal arm of the Democrats have turned the party into.
As a Michigander, and a conservative, Constitutional supporter, I fear for the day that they might possibly win. I don't think it will happen without much bloodshed, and I never wanted to see that happen.