Friday, July 09, 2021

Dear Media: No, That Word Does Not Mean What You Think it Means

To the leftist media, everything they disagree with is depicted as far-right, with no other possible explanation even when the reality is staring them right in the face.


 Given Atittude is a British left wing media rag, it of course depicts the attackers as "violent far-right homophobes".

Let's note that Tbilisi is in Georgia, but not the Georgia you're thinking of when you normally hear the word Georgia.  Think right beside Russia and not containing  Atlanta.

Little problem with the description is the ones attacking the pride parade there aren't you typical right-wing extremists so stereotyped by the media, instead they're Muslims, wearing easily identifiable Muslim garb as can be seen in the video.

But, the left can't bring itself to say "Muslims Attack Pride Office", nor bring itself to identify the actual makeup of the attackers, considering Muslims are an important component of their rather shaky coalition and must be presented at all times as part of a peaceful religion and certainly not as perpetrators of violence against another favored constituent group. 

Instead, it needs to be the amorphous threat of far right extremists.

Not what the facts actually are, but they need that construct to keep together a rather shaky coalition composed of those who would be thrown off buildings for being who they are by certain others with a certain religion in the same coalition should they get their way.

Kinda like how the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting has a narrative set and is  being depicted in our media and by Biden as a hate crime against gays by a religion-and-ideology-not-mentioned-attacker, while instead the attacker clearly was and self-declared to be an Islamic extremist bent on killing Americans and apparently didn't know at the onset of his attack the nature of the nightclub.

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Chuck Pergiel said...

News media does not care about truth, all they care about are ratings / clicks.