Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Mackinac Island - Some Of The Sights

By the end of our perambulations around the fort, the rain was picking up and we were getting rather soaked to the skin.

So we went to lunch at Millies on Main - after a bit of a wait as just about everyone else had the same idea, we had the absolute best Fish and Chips I've had anywhere!

So fortified we headed out along main street and then as the rain picked up even more, decided it was time for a Mackinac Horse Carriage tour.

We saw the Governor's summer residence.


The sign reads:

Good to be the Governor, neh?

We then wheeled by the Grand Hotel, which is very posh, and super-expensive and with which Tash,  Murph, and I have history:

We then went outside the town proper on the narrated carriage tour to see the historic cemeteries - one Protestant, one Roman Catholic,  divided by a road, and then to historic skull cave, and then to the scenic Arch Rock.

It is indeed scenic:

Described in Indian legend as a portal to another world.  

If you leap through it,  you will indeed go to another world, but there's no return ticket.  Formed by erosion of the softer limestone rock below the arch, it is quite an impressive natural sight to see.

The carriage tour was well worth taking, and the guides were knowledgeable and rather funny, with lots of great stories about the island, which made for a nice trip even in the rain.

After that, completely soaked, we headed back to the ferry and made the journey back to Mackinaw City in the fog and then drove back to Harbor Springs for the night.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

I have been to Macinaw island back in the early 00's as they say, I liked it it was a different place, and I actually won in the casino in the area. I was up there for a work related function. The UAW has a training center called "Black Lake" not far from there. or they did...
As far as Murphy being there, I shudder, LOL I know his proclivity for "mischief", LOL

Aaron said...

Yes, Mackinac Island is really worth visiting. The UAW Black Lake conference center is s till there but they sold a 1.3 Million dollar home they owned on the property after one of their latest corruption scandals surfaced.

The story of Murphy, Tash and I and the Grand Hotel actually wasn't due to any mischief on our part . . . .

drjim said...

Knew it was a nice place, but never really saw any pix of it until now. Looks quite peaceful, if you can afford it!

Aaron said...

drjim: Yep, staying overnight on the island is out of my price range, but it's a great day-trip experience.