Monday, July 12, 2021

Vice President Que Mala To Visit Detroit To Try To Reverse Some of Her Prior Fearmongering

Que Mala is coming to visit Detroit and fund raise for governor half-Whit and stump against Voter ID  requirements and for vaccinations.

The Detroit News: Vice President Harris plans to visit Whitmer fundraiser on Detroit trip

 While she's here, she going to push for Covid vaccination.

Harris also has been traveling the country to encourage more vaccinations to fight the coronavirus and its variants. 

Detroit has among the state's lowest vaccination rates with 38.3% of residents 16 years and older having received at least one dose of COVID vaccine compared with 62.2% statewide, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website. About 31.5% of Detroit's adults are fully vaccinated compared with Michigan's 52.3% rate.

Note that those aren't Trump fans denying the efficacy of the vaccines and refusing to get them by any stretch of the imagination.

Detroit went for Biden this year by 94.5% of all voters.  It's a one-party Democrat town, period.

Of course, Que Mala can only look to herself for the blame for why the Democrat Denizens of Detroit aren't getting vaccinated -- they listened to her and followed her distrust of the vaccines:

Kamala Harris says she wouldn't trust Trump on safety of Covid vaccine before election

Well, her supporters in the D listened to her claim to distrust the vaccine because Trump supported it and made it happen. This is what happens when you spread fear and fake news for political gain Que Mala. A bit of an own-goal right there.

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