Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Michigan's Democrat AG Prosecuting Political Enemies - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

So our current rather partisan Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel has decided to file criminal charges against former Republican Governor Rick Snyder over the Flint Water Crisis.

The Detroit News: Michigan plans to charge ex-Gov. Snyder in Flint water probe

Let's of course disregard how the damage in Flint was caused by the combination of factors: a rapacious Detroit Water board, local Democrats making decisions, decisions of state level bureaucrats, and bureaucrats at the EPA that advised the state and city with an erroneous and insufficient additives standard, leading to a breakdown of the protective coating in lead pipes and causing the crisis.

In short, Snyder, whatever his faults, and there were many, was not the main cause of the Flint water crisis by a long shot.

The problem of course is prosecuting your political opponents can easily backfire and this will be a bad precedent to set. Aside from the chilling effect to prevent Republicans from running for office lest they win and then get prosecuted for acts that occur during their administration, there's a flipside to this decision.

After all, the next Republican AG, to remain consistent with this precedent, must prosecute our current Governor Whitmer for her criminal negligence, if not reckless indifference causing death.  

After all, by her very hand she directly ordered nursing homes to take in those infected with Covid - those executive orders are signed by her with no layer of bureaucrats or anyone else issuing those orders.  Her issuance of that order and doubling-down on that order led directly to the deaths of thousands in those nursing homes - far many more than died or were harmed in Flint. 

Are the Democrats really stupid enough to play this game?  Do they think they will never be out of power where their own precedents can be turned against them? Stay tuned to find out.

Update:  Well, they are charging Snyder with willful neglect of duty, and the former state health director with involuntary manslaughter.   If anyone doesn't think that Both Gov. Whitmer and her Department of Health head Dr. Khaldun can't be charged with similar charges for their actions in terms of Covid and nursing homes once control of the executive branch flips they're kidding themselves.     Real nice precedent you're setting here Dems.


Gray said...

That's because the democrats intend to rig the elections so they will never lose another one.

Aaron said...

Gray: Yes, they don't seem to think they can lose, and with rigging the elections they very well might not.

Jonathan H said...

We've noticed in the past that most elected officials don't think beyond the current, or maybe the next, term. For example, look at Harry Reid getting rid of the filibuster for judge confirmations - he was told at the time it would be a problem when Republicans took over the chamber, but he didn't listen.