Thursday, January 21, 2021

No, You Really Can't Do That While Partaking of The Electric Lettuce

Got a call from a potential looking for an attorney.

Said potential was involved in an automobile accident.

Said potential was found at fault in said accident.

Nothing too serious so far.  But wait, there's more!

Said potential was found by the police at the scene to be in possession of a firearm in the car for which she had not sent in the Michigan transfer (in reality "registration") paperwork in a timely fashion though she did have a CPL.   Oops. 

Even better, said potential freely admitted to the cops that just before driving she had consumed a glass of wine and partook of a blunt of marijuana when they asked her if she had done so.  

Yep, you likely won't talk yourself out of trouble with the police, but you can sure talk yourself into it - and she sure did.

The friendly and rather professional police, not being anyone's fools. then immediately took her to get a blood draw.

Now she's looking at charges of driving under the influence, carrying under the influence, and failure to turn in the transfer paperwork.  Oh, and a failure to yield ticket too.

That's two misdemeanors and two civil infractions committed in one incident. 

Given the statements freely given and the evidence thus far, this is a damage control case.

Thankfully, no one is calling the Feds as no, you still cannot use marijuana and be in possession of firearms.

Regardless of how the state may say you can do some weed if that is your thing, the Feds still say if you're using the ganja then no gat for you.  

You also cannot be going about carrying your gun under the influence of drugs and alcohol as both the state and the feds rather frown upon that.

I quoted her a rather reasonable retainer given what we're going to have to do in this case to try and keep her out of jail. She then can't understand why she would need to pay a retainer instead of paying over time in this case.  

Well, there's a reason it's called dope, after all.  You don't want to get behind and have a doper owing you money on a case, as it will likely go up in smoke long before it gets to you, and if she can't remember to mail in a slip of paper within ten days of buying a gun, how is she going to remember to pay you, right?  Not to mention accused criminals tend to have lousy track records at paying their attorneys.  So yep, not getting retained on that one which is probably for the best anyways.

So remember folks it's still legally a choice of the gat or the ganja, not both.

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