Monday, January 18, 2021

Catch And Release Times 4 And Counting

Neither the third time, nor the fourth time was the charm for this "no human is illegal" pedo sex offender.

The Detroit News: Convicted sex offender deported 4 times arrested in Michigan

Border Patrol agents have arrested a convicted sex offender who illegally entered the United States and has been deported four times, investigators said Tuesday.

. . .

After questioning by Border Patrol agents, the man, a Mexico citizen identified as Jesus Trejo-Garcia, told them "he had entered the United States illegally by wading across the Rio Grande River near Laredo, Texas," officials said in a statement.

Anyone expect what will eventually be his fifth deportation to make any lasting difference?

The only difference I can see is we can expect Biden to offer him a pathway to citizenship on the next go-round.


Stuart said...

... and he was caught in Michigan!

Aaron said...

Yep, he sure made it pretty far north from the southern border, now didn't he?