Saturday, January 23, 2021

Flying - Night Current Again!

So in keeping with my resolution to fly more, this evening I jumped in the plane.

The aircraft performance was outstanding with the -4 degree air.   Amazing climb and cruise performance, and I had to ease back the throttle a lot more than usual in the pattern as the plane just wanted to get up and go.

I left as the sun was setting and it was gorgeous out.  I headed to the northeast as the pattern was absolutely packed.  The wind was about 7 knots from 210 degrees. The sky was clear up to 12,000 feet which was a nice change from the overcast we've been having every other day I tried to fly this month.

 I climbed up to 5,500 effortlessly and maneuvered for a bit.

I then returned and reentered the pattern and did  3 landings after sundown that still counted as day landings and then it became night in terms of FAA regulations for night currency. 

Night has multiple meanings, and for night currency, night starts an hour after sundown.

I then got in the pattern and did 6 takeoffs and landings.  The wind had dropped to calm and flying at night was fun as all get out.

A few other planes were around, and they were much easier to see at night all lit up as they were.


The landings were smooth as silk.  I mean they were really, really good. 

A lot of fun was had and that was my first time flying solo at night, and my first time flying at night, period, in over a year.      

I should have done that earlier as I was overly cautious about night time flying solo and really shouldn't have been quite that concerned about it.  Nothing to it but to do it, and the landings at night were, if anything, easier than in the daytime.

I'm now current to carry passengers at night and I will maintain that currency and get to flying at night more often, because it is fun, and it's good to keep in practice.

That's 1.8 with .6 during the day and 1.2 at night with 3 daytime landings and 6 night time landings.


B said...

Yep. I flew today as well.

that 182 o-470 felt like ti had 2 extra cylinders....performance was awesome!

3.2 and 2. My landing at KSPI was so smooth I wasn't even sure I had touched down.

Aaron said...

B: Yep I was getting some personal record speeds straight and level with the Archer, performance was outstanding. Good deal on your flight and smooth landings are always great to have.

drjim said...

I sure remember those cold, clear, DENSE AIR Winter days from when I used to fly back in Northern Illinois.

High Air Density is a wondrous thing, both for wings and for engines!

Scariest flight I was ever on was at night. We were fling into Meigs Airport in Chicago, and the electrical system took a dump. One of the guys had a hand-held VHF transceiver in his flight bag, so he got it out, and declared an emergency. We made a fine landing, Thank God for Magnetos, but were stuck in Chicago until a friend could drive up to collect us.

Old NFO said...

Nicely done to both of y'all! Proficiency is more than just a word... you actually have to perform to maintain proficiency!