Monday, January 25, 2021

First Time Ever Seeing That Message From Comcast

Just got an interesting email and text notice from Comcast.

For the first time ever, we've exceeded our internet data allotment of 1.2 TB!

I was unaware of such a limit and had never hit it before.

Then again, this month has been very heavy on Zoom usage due to both kids being at home and both of us working at home a lot.  

It's also due to a prominent situation of everyone  binging on Netflix and HBO Max and Amazon Prime programs this month, so I can easily see how we hit that number.

Thankfully, since it's the first time we apparently won't be charged for going over, but future overages are charged at $10 for every 50 GB over the limit.  Ouch.  

Now that I know how and where to look, it turns out we got close to that number for the past few months, most especially in September but not close enough to get a warning. 

1.2 Terrabytes!  That's a heckuva lot of data used.

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John Galt said...

They sent out letters to the effect that they were going to start doing that a few months ago. ( After some emails and letters of protest from around the country I believe they then issued a statement saying that due to Covid they were suspending the action for the time being.) Naturally they are looking for revenue streams at a time of pandemic ( customers broke but using tons of internet). Look for them to continue even though at some point 5G hotspots may be a realistic option to replace them at some point.