Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sunday Skating

So this evening we took the kids to go skating at Blake's Cider Mill for an outside outing.  Good to get off the screens and do some outdoor activities.

We got them some skates and they hit the ice.  Unfortunately they were required to wear masks on the ice even though they were outside.

Sometimes they really hit the ice.


Still they would get up and keep on going and enjoyed themselves.

Interestingly enough, the ice wasn't made from water.  It was synthetic ice.

First time I've actually heard of and seen the stuff.  It acts and kinda looks just like ice but according to the kids didn't quite feel like ice, but it was slippery enough and it worked to skate on.  It works for skating without refrigeration and handles above-freezing weather with no problems.

Of course this evening was rather chilly at 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

Everything was solely outdoors so it was rather cold.

While they went skating Tash and I got some adult beverages.

Hard ciders made by Blake's on the premises.  Really good stuff.

The kids had a good time skating for an hour and then we had some doughnuts, and Blake's Cider Mill doughnuts are the ne plus ultra of doughnuts.  

A very successful, if rather chilly, outdoor activity.

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