Saturday, January 30, 2021

Patriot's Point Vietnam War Exhbiit

In addition to the Naval exhibitions, Patriot's Point also has a Vietnam War exhibit.


They exhibit in keeping with the overall nautical theme of Patriot's Point, has a PBR on display.

 While some of the Bunkers and exhibits were closed due to Covid, there was still lots to see.  The exhibit is setup like a Vietnam era base camp with a variety of Quonset huts, fence-line, and a watchtower.

There were more helicopters including a medevac Huey:

A rather tired looking H-34 Seahorse


And a CH-46 Sea Knight:

It's not a war if you don't bring artillery:

Other vehicles present include a deuce and a half in remarkably good condition. Murphy gave it a detailed walk-around inspection and concluded it probably wouldn't take much to get her up and running.

And there was an M-42 Duster, good for when you really want to get the kids off your lawn:

Note the "Keep Off" sign.  They put it there in advance of Murphy's visit.  They knew he was coming.

It's an extensive exhibit and well worth checking out.

Definitely plan for at least a solid day at the minimum when visiting Patriot's Point.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Yep the Vietnam exhibit is really neat and they have a lot of stuff, and you gotta admit, Murphy has a reputation that kinda proceeded him.

Old NFO said...

LOL, Murphy is Murphy... LOL And yes, it IS a good exhibit. Chilling, but good.

Murphy's Law said...

All ya'll can bite me. I'm a victim of circumstance!