Tuesday, January 19, 2021

USS Yorktown - The Flight Deck - The Mighty Sea King

For you rotorheads out there, there was a Sikorsky SH-3G Sea King on the flight deck.

The Sea King's size is something to behold in person.  Note the lady standing to the left for scale.

This one is marked as number 61 from  Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 4 (HS-4)  now called Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Four (HSC-4).  HS-4 served on 6 deployments on board the USS Yorktown from 1960-1968.  The squadron also set a record for the most downed airmen recovered,  24, on a single cruise in 1966 by an ASW squadron when the carrier was deployed in the Gulf of Tonkin.  

The Sea King is an amphibious helicopter and has done everything from antisubmarine and search and rescue work, to ferrying presidents, and even recovering returning Apollo space craft.


Old NFO said...

Plus the Coast Guard used it too!

MrGarabaldi said...

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Was it "Murphy" proofed also?