Friday, January 29, 2021

Not Sure How He Said That With A Straight Face

First go ahead and read the interesting article on Covid vaccine effectiveness at

Spin, strangeness, and charm.

In the post it references a Toronto Sun Article where he notes that a former Biden staffer and current World Health Organization staffer has come out and plainly said the source of Covid-19 was indeed most likely a leak from the Wuhan lab.

Rather big news that the theory, poooh-poohed by dmeocrats and the China lobby as a right wing conspiracy is gaining credence.

Here's the hilarious part:  When asked about Joe Biden and China in the interview, the former Biden staffer Mr. Metzl had this to say:

Will a change of the U.S. administration help find an answer?

Biden will be tougher on China than President Trump because President Biden is very smart and strategic and he understands that American power and American strength doesn’t rest on bluster, it rests on principles, it rests on partnerships, and alliances and accountability. And the Trump administration unfortunately gave China a pass by over politicizing the question of the origin of the virus by alienating America’s partners and allies.

Ok, you can pick yourself up off the ground after you fell down laughing now.

The Trump administration gave China a pass?  What alternate universe is he living in? 

China Joe Biden will be tougher on China than Trump?  As if.

This is the same China Joe whose son has been making millions from the Chinese?

The same China Joe that just reopened access to our power grid to the Chinese government?

The Same China Joe now "considering" loosening sanctions against Chinese  telecom Huawei?

The very same China Joe that has said nothing as China is now routinely entering Taiwan's airspace in uncharacteristically large shows of force now that he's been elected?

To believe that China Joe Biden will be tougher on China than Trump requires a very interesting mind completely detached from the facts,  track records, and reality.


ProudHillbilly said...

I'm put in mind of Obama's "red line", so firmly enforced.

ccm2361 said...

Ah yes Obama's really strong red line.

I think China Joe is going to be just as "strong" as Obama in the face of our enemies.
Just what we needed another weak appeaser. Worse yet a weak appeaser owned by China

Aaron said...

ProudHillbilly: Yep, but I expect Biden won't even bother with setting a red line to ignore.

ccm2361: Yep I fear he;s not just going to be an appeaser but a willing ally of the Chinese.