Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Springing Emotions

Happiness: Finding an AR-15 buffer spring that you thought had gone into the dimension of lost springs while you’re crawling around on the floor.

Sadness: The reason you’re crawling around on the floor and found the buffer spring in the first place is that an extra-power Glock extractor spring and bearing was launched at high speed to either somewhere in the room or into the dimension of lost springs, never to be found again.

Update:  In awesome customer service news,  I contacted Apex about purchasing a new spring to replace mine that had sprung as they did not shown them for sale individually on the website.

They quickly replied that they’ve been in the searching for springs situation before and they just went ahead and shipped a replacement out to me for free.  Apex has both great parts and great customer service - highly recommend.


Stuart said...

One of Murphy's lesser known laws: You will find it two days after the replacement has arrived.

B said...

There is, somewhere in the universe, a place that is just chock full of flung parts.... Screws, checkballs, springs, special washers, nuts with a unique thread, parts made from Unobtainium, clips that are irreplaceable, springs that cannot be replaced, etc.

I figure that it is about a lightyear across, and growing.

I highly reccomend a 50 lb or bigger magnet for fiding those partsd that are meley lost and have not yet transcended the boundaries of this universe.

Nuke Road Warrior said...

Actually Apex is sending you your own spring. When it went into the ether, it activated a homing spell that sent it back to them. Socks, however, are sent to a parallel universe when heated to drier temperatures.

Aaron said...

Stuart: I suspect I won't find it until I lose the next spring in that room.

B: Yep and that universe must be getting crowded by now. A magnet could be a good idea, I;ll have to look into that.

Nuke Road Warrior: That could very well be the case.

B said...

More magnet is better, up to a point.

Seriously, get a 100 lb "Fishing magnet" and cover it with some thin can find LOTS of parts that you lost that way.

ProTip: You should store it next to your old videotapes and floppy discs.