Tuesday, January 05, 2021

USS Yorktown: The Flight Deck - Phantom!

As you exit the stairs onto the flight deck, the first aircraft you get to see is an F4 Phantom II.

The Essex-class carriers such as the Yorktown never operated the Phantom as it was considered to be too heavy an aircraft.

Murphy of course decided to see if he could use the tutorial he had received from OldAFSarge and open her up.

He tried, but alas, the Phantom had been Murphy-proofed, with all access ports sealed up tight.  They must have known he was coming.

No joy there.

Still it's an F-4 you can get up close and personal to see. 


drjim said...

Yep, they're definitely impressive when you're up close and personal with one!

bobbyvee said...

Trip-Trey Fighting Shamrocks MCAS Beaufort, S.C.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Good pics and you are right about them "Murphy" proofing the plane...

ASM826 said...

That's "Little John" Cummings name under the back seat canopy. Finest officer I ever met. He was AMO when I met him, went to be XO and then CO of VMFA-451.One of the only RIOs to command a squadron.