Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday Indoor Match Day

So today I headed over to DSC for their indoor USPSA match.

First time shooting there, and also the first time shooting a match with a different gun, but more on that later.

It was a very well organized match.  Between Covid restrictions and the match being held in a confined space indoors, your squad gets a starting time and you show up then.

Tosh, Duffy, and I had a 12:30 start so we got there a bit early, paid our match fee and geared up.

4 stages with the first stage being a classifier.  After the classifier, there were three fun, short, and challenging stages.

Since they were all in the one room, space was at a premium but they did a real nice job laying it out.

Each of the three stages was shot by a different shooter one after the other, and then all scored together.  it moved along very quickly.

These other three stages were small but brain teasers.

In Stage 1 it was Amoeba/Classic targets rather than standard targets and you had to shoot 6 rounds at each of the first three targets and transition to two shots on each that you had to engage after moving as they were hidden behind a wall.

In Stage 2 it was multiple targets separated into three shooting positions.  Rather fun and not too complicated.

Stage 3 however was a brain twister.  Virginia count, three shooting boxes, each one closer to the target but each each offset differently.  It was mandatory to shoot 8 rounds form each box and each of the 4 targets had to be hit 6 times.   Stacking on targets was allowed,  but you couldn't go back and you had to do the match right, and some were more hidden from certain locations.

So I engaged T1 with 6 shots and T2 with two, then moved to Box 2 and hit T2 with 4 more shots and hit T4 with 4 shots.  Then in Box 3 I hit T4 with 2 shots and finished by nailing T3 with 6 shots.

Math is hard.  Lots of procedural penalties occurred on stages 1 and 3 due to shooters messing that up. 

A fun match with a good bunch of people, took about an hour to get through and shoot all 4 stages.  I definitely would shoot there again.

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