Thursday, January 07, 2021

Finally, The Left Finds A Mostly Peaceful Protest They Don't Like

For the record, the riot yesterday that erupted out of the protest by Trump supporters at the Capitol was wrong, stupid, counterproductive, and will likely backfire badly.

However, it is not surprising some idiot elements of the Right have decided to adopt the tactics of the Left, and the hypocrisy of the Left and their statements about this riot are both laughable and disgusting.

Lest we forget, and the media and the Left would now indeed prefer you to forget, for the past four years, the Left decided that violence and riots are an acceptable tactic to achieve political goals. 

From the very start when Trump was sworn in, the violence began:

At Trump's inauguration in 2017:Violent Anti-Trump Protests Try to Steal Spotlight on Inauguration Day

The left: Crickets and the false "Russia, Russia, Russia" claims.

2018 Leftist anti-Kavanaugh protestors took over the Senate Office Building.

The left: Crickets, or statements of overt support.  Not surprising they don't want that event remembered today after the events of yesterday, neh?

2020 BLM and Anti-Trump Riots: ‘They Have Lost Control’: Why Minneapolis Burned, violence and rioting in multiple other cities, and in Portland a Federal Courthouse attacked repeatedly, vandalized to the tune of millions in damage, and set on fire, and US Marshals there were blinded with lasers and injured with fireworks, bricks, and other weapons.

The Left:  Statements of outright support, funding, and prosecutorial discretion to not charge protestors with crimes:


                                     Pelosi:  "People will do what they do"

2020 Anti-Trump Protests and riots included burning a large portion of Washington DC:

The Left:  Crickets or a declaration that it is a mostly peaceful protest, and again statements of support.

The Left is now all morally indignant and pearl-clutching now that idiots on the Right have decided to agree with them that violence and riots are an acceptable form of political activity.  

Idiots on the Right yesterday then engaged in an unacceptable, yet far less ruinous riot than any that the Left has conducted over the past few years. After all, no buildings were burned, nor were any businesses looted yesterday.

The Left over the past four years failed to condemn and indeed gave support to political violence as it served their political goals.  They now face the prospect of political violence that does not suit their goals and they're getting a tad uncomfortable.

Violence in the pursuit of politics is an extremely bad road to be on, and the Left stupidly decided to get on it, and hopefully now both sides will look for an off-ramp.

For the Left to be in high dudgeon over the Right using their same tactics is laughable and the height of hypocrisy, but here we are. 

Once Biden is sworn in, expect the breathless declarations of the Left for these past four years that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" to be quickly converted once again to any dissent is treason or sedition.

This simply affirms that if the Left didn't have double-standards, they would have none at all.

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B said...

Point: THis was not a pro-Trump rally as such. It was more a "Stop the Steal" rally, demanding election integrity.

Seriously. It matters.