Friday, January 01, 2021

New Year's Resolutions - Personal Improvement Department

Some fun personal improvement New Year's Resolutions/Goals I'd like to make, and I'll track them as this new year rolls along.  Let's see if I can stick to 'em this year.

1.  Shoot More and Shoot Better: I resolve to take at least three shooting classes this year, and shoot in at least five USPSA matches.   I will also at least 3 times a week do a dryfire session. This should make me suck somewhat less as a shooter. Goal would be to be able to perform the brown belt level MSP standards on demand. Stretch goal would be to be able to perform the black belt level MSP standards on demand, which is pretty darn spicy for me right now.

2. Fly More and Fly Better: I want to fly at least double the amount of hours I flew this year.  I also will earn my instrument rating.  Never hurts to be a more proficient and capable pilot and I need to fly more.

3. Stick with Jiu Jitsu and do Jiu Jitsu Better:  Do a minimum of three sessions per week.  Work on improving current techniques and learning new ones. Good for both physical fitness and overall well-being.

Fun and achievable goals, assuming I work at them.


juvat said...

You never need an instrument rating until you need an instrument rating, then you need it bad!

Same thing goes for the other two categories.

But, good that you recognize that.

Happy New Year, Aaron!

Old NFO said...

Happy New Year! And best wishes for a better 2021 for all of us!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

It is good to have reasonable goals, those can be rough but "doable". Many New Years resolutions fail due to unrealistic expectations, Yours are not.

B said...

Maybe we cabn get together some more....or do a week ish long flying adventure.
Email me.

Aaron said...

juvat: All very true, and a happy New Year to you too!

OldNFO: Best wishes to you and yours for a great 2021!

MrGarabaldi: Thanks, and hopefully with some effort they will turn out to be realistic.

B: Yes, we do need to get together some more and a flying adventure of some sort sounds like a plan.