Wednesday, January 06, 2021

USS Yorktown: The Flight Deck - The Mighty War Hoover

On the flight deck sat an aircraft near and dear to another blogger's heart, blogging over at Chant du Depart, as, after all, he flew them. 

The S-3B Viking was on the flight deck.

It's yet another impressively large aircraft up close.  A multi-role, multi-mission aircraft, it served in the Navy on carriers from 1974 until 2009, and one or two are still being flown by NASA.


Again, she was a Murphy-proofed bird with all access points sealed.

Like the Phantom, she never operated off of an Essex-class carrier, being too big by far.


Anonymous said...

In September 2019 I was up close to the Collings Foundation A-1E Skyraider as it was parked next to their P-51 Mustang. I was stunned how huge the Skyraider was for a single engine aircraft. It made the P-51 look like the little Red Bull stunt plane.

drjim said...

I don't recall being up close to an S-3. Sure wish I could go see the ship. The virtual tour things they're doing now are pretty impressive, but nothing like being there surrounded by history.

Aaron said...

Captain Witold Pilecki: Yes, the Skyraider is a huge aircraft. Even as a static display, it projects immense power.

drjim: My first time that close to an S-3 myself. It was great to walk the flight deck and see these great aircraft up close.