Sunday, January 16, 2022

Dear AG Nessel: Better To Remain Silent And Be Thought A Fool Than To Speak And Remove All Doubt, And Remiove All Doubt You Did

But with Nessel there is no doubt that she is indeed a fool.  A politically useful one for mouthing Democrat talking points mind you, but a fool all the same.

An hour after it had already been announced that the terrorist in the Hostage situation at the Texas synagogue was demanding the release of a convicted Islamic terrorist, AG Nessel was busy publicly worrying the attack was a possible hate crime caused by a white supremacist.

Washington Free Beacon: Michigan’s Dana Nessel Speculates ‘White Supremacy’ to Blame for Texas Synagogue Terrorist Attack

Why exactly is our state's AG going into a hypothetical contrary to existing evidence during an actual hostage situation in another state?  Why is she (and Psaki, the media (attacker is a British citizen" - way to bury the lede, wot?), and the FBI for that matter) so quick to try to distract attention from a clearly Islamic act of terrorism?

I will note she has yet to make any correction to her inane statement nor to specifically condemn Islamic Terrorism.


B said...

Best write up of the facts so far that I have seen:

B said...

BTW: Why don't Jewish worshippers in the US arm themselves so they can protect like the Christians do?

Aaron said...

B: Quite a decent write up there.

Some do, some don't it varies a lot.

Majority of Reform congregations such as that one in Texas tend to be on the left side of the spectrum and don't tend to want their congregants to be armed. Other congregations don't allow members to carry but have a more pronounced police presence both open and undercover, and some congregations do allow and or encourage their members to be responsibly armed.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

A lot of Christian congregations are not armed because the lawyers are involved(no offense) and the lawyers for the churches don't want "official sanctions" for liability reasons because if there is a shooting, then the church is "On the hook" for any fallout from the shooting. That being said a lot of the members are armed anyway. This was 'splained to me when I was a trustee at my Methodist church.