Friday, January 21, 2022

Hip Replacement Day 9 - A Cane Break

Between doing work and then passing out when I'm not doing work, I've been kind busy today. This was everybody wants something immediately day.

Had a great PT session. Heckuva workout and it kicked my tail nicely.

Did have a notable first today.  Got to take a break from using the walker.

It was my first time using the cane rather than the walker to walk around.  Never used a cane before and there is a definite technique to it. Interestingly, its used on the left side even as its my right hip that was replaced.  Cane moves first, then right leg, then left leg.

Did good, but I'm supposed to stick to the walker for now except for short practice sessions with the cane, as I don't quite have the balance and support down yet.

Overall getting stronger but a long way still to go and that session tired me out but good.

Sadly, I really wanted to have a sword-cane but Michigan law prohibits such in public.  A sword-cane would have been rather snazzy and stylish. Instead, I'm stuck with a plain-jane black metal cane. It'll do.


Pigpen51 said...

I'm glad to hear that you are still on the long road to recovery, even knowing that it will be tough, you seem like the type of person who doesn't shirk away from the tough things in life.
I know that when I was 20, I was in a car accident, where I broke my back and pelvis. During my healing, I would go out and try and rake my lawn. I would get a section of about 10' x 10' square, and would have to go inside, and lay down to rest. So I can only imagine how exhausted you get from PT. Especially after having a complete hip replacement. My injury, while it sounds really bad, and it was, was not nearly as extreme as what you are dealing with. So I wish you smooth sailing.
One question, about the link you provided, dealing with the Michigan law about knives. While seeming to be straight forward, I always have wondered about the part about straight bladed knives, and how they are interpreted, such as hunting knives. Does it mean that I can carry a 3" bladed Mora knife, in a plastic sheath, as long as I am not doing so with the intention of using it as a weapon? Because I always carry a folding knife, or two, in my pockets, but I much prefer to use a straight bladed knife, but I always thought that I never could carry one, due to the way the law was written. It just seems to be written intentionally ambiguously so that it could be interpreted in different ways.
In any event, best wishes, and continue to walk the road to recovery, and I hope that you and your family have a great weekend.

Old NFO said...

Keep doing the PT, and don't over do it. Just sayin...

Weetabix said...

Canes are an amazing help once you get used to them. The using it on the opposite side thing is to balance you while reducing weight on the affected size.

I'm sure they did this and told you, but just in case: make sure the cane is sized right for you. Typically, the crook or handle should hit right where your wrist breaks on the inside. Sizing it correctly makes it much less fatiguing. You just cut the wooden ones.

I wanted a sword cane, too, but you can't size them easily.

Aaron said...

PigPen51: Thanks I should work on a post on Michigan knife laws soon to answer your questions (at least as far as they can be answered).

I think breaking your back and pelvis would be worse than just a hip replacement. Good to know you got through it ok. PT and even just moving around right now does get pretty exhausting.

Old NFO: Yep, keeping on it and trying not to overdo it.

Weetabix: Yes, the in-home therapist sized both the walker and the cane for me - even a little proper adjustment makes quite a difference.