Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Hip Replacement Day 6 - Tired And Sore But With More Movement Plus A Mistake

Got up a little sore today but I think I slept almost all the way through the night which was good.

Did manage to shower, etc which was nice and got some PT in. Could shower all by my own self and am moving about pretty good.

Did some walking around, going up and down the two stairs, and sat in a chair doing some work and catching up on matters for a few hours.

Then I decided to try and skip the 12 pm light pain med and try replacing it with just regular Tylenol.

Big mistake that, huge actually. 

It turns out I'm really not ready to step down to just Tylenol yet

Ended up doing a catch-up dose to knock down the impressive amount of pain that resulted, and then passing out accordingly.

Back up now to get some more things done, but we're going to take it a little slower.


B said...

Where's the fun in showering by yourself??

GLad you are doing better, hope the lesson learned wasn't too bad.

Aaron said...

B: Yep, tried to push a little too far too fast. Pain is back under control which is good. Showering is much more fun when you don't think you're going to fall over though, especially getting in and out.