Sunday, January 16, 2022

Hip Replacement Day 4

Sleeping through the night is still not perfect, a bit fitful and waking at times.  

Kinda stiff and and a little sore this morning.

Sticking to only the lighter painkiller for now, no need for the Percocet yet to date and hopefully don't need it later. Took all the morning meds as scheduled.

Pain overall is down to about a 3 which is great. 

While doing PT exercises this morning, lying down I can now slide my foot all the way up to my opposite knee compared to only being able to move it an inch or so when I started! 

Small victories, and still not easy to do, but I'll take it.  Ridiculous how much of a sweat such small movements can cause.

Need to get in two more rounds of PT today.

Overall, I'm a bit more mobile which is good but due to the compression sleeves and icing unit I still can't get out of bed by myself as I need help to take those off.

Can actually sit up in a chair now as long as it is high enough and I lean back as cannot even lean over 90 degrees forward for now, no twisting around, etc. Can now sit on edge of the bed as well. Can't do it for too long as I get really stiff from doing it, but it is a start.

Back in bed for some more icing and leg compression for now.

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Weetabix said...

Good to hear! (just catching up on your older posts)

I'd forgotten the ankle pumps. PT was hard, but definitely worth it. The one I hated most was called a bridge. You won't have that one. I had to sit on the ground with my heel on a support and put a weight on my knee to get it back to full extension. That was the only part of the whole ordeal that hurt so much it made me want to cry. And pain doesn't make me cry. A friend had both hips replaced - she said life is amazingly better.

Carry on, and follow all medical advice!