Friday, January 14, 2022

Hip Replacement Status Report Day 2

Slept rather fitfully last night and the nerve block seems to be wearing off as I'm a lot more achy now at the incision site and hip itself but no massive pain at all. Probably a bit more severe than the better days prior to replacement, but not worse than the worst days so that's something.

Most of the pain seems  to be referred to the right glute muscle, so yes, a hip replacement really is a pain in the ass.

Got up walked down the hallway and shaved this morning. Walking was a bit harder as I did a fair bit of walking yesterday to keep moving and avoid clots.  Back in bed now catching up on some work. Moving the leg is a little harder today, and it does take some careful planning, as I'm not allowed to  bend forward too far, flex the hip, or lots of other restrictions.

I'm hooked up to the coolest  machine right now - it uses pulses of air to compresses the calfs every so often to prevent clots and also gives timed water flow/icing to the hip.  Absolutely brilliant - no need to refreeze ice packs or time putting them on and off.

So far, so good.  Thanks for all the good wishes, they're appreciated.


Borepatch said...

Damn. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Pigpen51 said...

Wishing you nothing but smooth sailing and good PT's, to make the most of your time spent in your recovery. I know that they can make a tremendous difference in how fast and strong your hip will become.

Aaron said...

Borepatch: Thanks, sadly I'm missing your blogshoot but hopefully next year Mr B. and I will fly down to attend.

Pigpen51: Thanks had first PT session/assessment today, short but it was quite the butt kicker