Sunday, January 23, 2022

Only Took 18 Years, But Better Late Than Never I Suppose

For 18 years now, a bunch of Antisemitic and anti-Israel protestors, including such lovely people as Holocaust deniers, have been getting their jollies by protesting and harassing congregants of a synagogue during Shabbat morning services in Ann Arbor.

It only took 18 years of this going on for the Ann Arbor City Council to formally condemn the activity because anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activities tend not to upset lefties all that much:

JTA: After 18 years, Ann Arbor condemns weekly synagogue protesters as antisemitic 

The protestors’ stated purpose is to critique Israel policy, but members of the group frequently bring antisemitic signs and chant antisemitic slogans. The group’s de facto leader, Henry Herskovitz, identifies himself as a former Jew and has spread Holocaust denial and praised neo-Nazis in blog posts.

Scratch an anti-Israel protestor, you'll generally find an anti-Semite hiding behind it, as is the case here.

Courts have upheld their right to be assholes and harass people from the sidewalk near the synagogue, and have their protests, but it's nice the city finally got around to condemning it.

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