Sunday, January 16, 2022

Canada About To Further Befoul Supply Chains In A Riddiculous Own-Goal

The Detroit News: Michigan faces acute impact from Canada's refusal to let in unvaccinated US truckers

This newly implemented policy is already outdated, short-sighted, inane, and doesn't concord with "the science". 

We now know and have known for awhile now that the vaccines do not prevent transmission of Covid and variants.

As such the public health argument for requiring them to prevent spread is damn weak. Requiring them for truckers delivering goods is even weaker

We now know and have known for awhile now that the vaccines do not categorically prevent people from getting Covid even if vaccinated.

We do see statistically at least that having the vaccine does make your symptoms more mild and may result in you having no symptoms at all, and make you more able to fight off the virus. Clearly this is a good thing for the elderly, people with comorbidities etc and they do have value to that extent.

For example Tash got it, was vaccinated so relatively mild but even still categorized as feeling like her worst flu ever, she now has a lingering cough and shortness of breath.  Likely her vaccine reduced the potency of the case.  Likely also that our vaccines either prevented us from catching it from her as none of us came down with it despite being in the car with her for 5 hours after her exposure, or the vaccines gave us such a low reaction we don't even know we got it - although Ab's test came up negative for it.

As such, its very much a personal choice as to their use and the elderly and those with high risk factors ought to think carefully about getting the vaccine to protect themselves and people with lower risk factors may choose otherwise. Probably the vaccine is still a good choice to make, but again it's your body, you weigh your own risk factors and make your own informed choice.

It makes no sense now for Canada to introduce a regulation barring truckers shipping vital goods across the border unless they're vaccinated. Especially as we know the main public policy reason for the vaccine - preventing spread to others - simply isn't the case as the vaccines are currently not fully capable of doing that and even vaccinated people are picking up cases.

Expect more supply shortages in the auto industry and elsewhere due to this inane policy given our close trading ties.  The only consolation, if you can call it that,  is Canada is going to feel the effects worse than the US will as a result of this idiocy.


Old NFO said...

Wow! Well, I’ll just have to watch and see how it plays out. And what a real impact will be in the stores.

Aaron said...

Old NFO; Yep the US and Canadian auto industries are heavily tied together so parts not coming in from Canada are going to lead to further shortages here. Be even worse there as they import more of our stuff than we do theirs (for certain values of "more"). When your next-door neighbor and major trading partner pulls this kind of nonsense there's going to be some definite effects.