Friday, January 07, 2022

The Solvent Trap Trap

You've seen those advertisements on social media such as Facebook from Wish and other sellers selling items that look suspiciously like mostly-finished unregistered suppressors.

Because, well, they are.

In the words of Admiral Akbar:

 And verily, it is.

Possession of suppressor parts or a bunch of parts that can be quickly manufactured into a working suppressor by a quick drilling when you don't have the accompanying approved Form 1 or Form 4 along with your $200 tax stamp is rather bad news and really not advised.

That's because you may get a personal visit from people bearing bad news for you, or you may just get a letter like this as a new client of mine just did:


It seems that Diversified Machine Co, an online seller of such "solvent traps", was allegedly selling solvent trap kits that could be turned into a fully working suppressor a little too readily for the BATFE's tastes.

In short, if you are acquiring a solvent trap or fuel filter that looks suspiciously like a suppressor save for a little extra hole, and you don't Pay $200, then Do Not Pass Go.

Otherwise, you may Go Directly To Jail.


B said...

If you don't buy these in person, and pay cash, knowing that they are only marginally legal, you are a total idiot.
Even then, wear sunglasses and a face covering.

Or simply don't do illegal things.

Aaron said...

B: Yep, I highly advise people to not do illegal things.

Pay a $200 tax (as annoying as it is), and you can be legal, and it sure beats having a felony record over a silly tube.

Windy Wilson said...

First, move out of a not-free state like New York, New Jersey Illinois or California, and then make sure to follow the law. There's no sense in trying to follow the law in the communist states.

Old NFO said...


Matthew W said...

The stupid that are the Suppressor laws.
Saw a great @$!#Tube video from a guy that does custom diesel vehicle work and orders many, many, many, many OIL FILTERS and one day the Feds came around asking questions.

Aaron said...

Windy Wilson: Yep states that don't allow legal ownership of properly federally compliant tax stamped suppressors do suck.

Old NFO: Yep, the letters are really getting around, just got another call from a new and concerned client.

Matthew W: Yes, they really should be removed from NFA and should have been. But, the Republicans sat on it when they had a chance early on under Trump to pass legislation doing so, acting as Lucy to gun owners as Charlie Brown. Unfortunately with how the law is now, people may violate it (and may do so unknowingly or knowingly when they buy "solvent traps" or "fuel filters") at their peril. Oil filters can apparently be used as ersatz suppressors so they likely wanted to see if he really was using them for their intended purposes.