Thursday, January 20, 2022

Hip Replacement Update - One Week Post Surgery

It’s now a whole week since the surgery. The new titanium and ceramic parts seem to be making themselves right at home.

Overall, the pain is down and remains at a 3-4, although I am taking some painkillers, but I’ve been able to avoid the really heavy painkillers throughout the process, which is good. Compared to pain regularly being 7+ on a daily basis with the hip arthritis pre-surgery, this is a very welcome improvement.

Amazingly, it has not been hurting nearly as much as I imagined it would. Even though the leg by the hip itself is all sorts of stiff, sore, and swollen, with some really impressive bruises.

Even with all that, I’m managing to get around much better than I imagined I would this early in the process.

I’m walking pretty smoothly on flat surfaces with the assistance of a walker. I can get up and down 2 steps rather easily, get in the shower, get into and out of bed, get into and out of a chair, etc. Pretty neat and I’m a lot more mobile than I figured I would be one-week post-surgery. Physio-therapy and regular icing of the hip is definitely helping.

The only surprise so far is I’m a heckuva lot more tired than I imagine I’d be, passing out at the drop of a hat and sleeping for hours lots of the time. Forget about lying in bed and catching up on reading or a movie, I just zonk right out.

Still got a long way to recover, range of motion is still pretty limited, but it feels like it’s moving in the right direction so far.


Old NFO said...

Yes, you're going to be zonked. An hour on the table is a month in recovery.

Aaron said...

I spent a couple solid hours plus on the table so two to three months recovery is right on the estimate.