Thursday, January 13, 2022

Hip Replacement Day

Like a Gremlin, I was not allowed to be fed after midnight.

About to head off to the surgical center.

Only annoyance so far is that Michigan prohibits sword-canes in public.  having one of those while I was recovering and getting about would have been snazzy.


Old Al said...

Pray the Lord guides the surgeon's hands and your recovery is swift and complete.

juvat said...

Good Luck Aaron, You're in our prayers.

Pigpen51 said...

Praying that your surgery and recovery are successful. I spent 35 years in a steel making facility that at one time, was the source for over 85% of the world's supply of metal used in artificial hip sockets. Also knee joints.
For companies like Kirshner/Biomet, Howmedica, Zimmer, and many others.
The metal that we made was called F75. It was cobalt/chrome/molybdenum.
Rest assured that no matter what kind of material is used, the technology for it is very, very good, and if your surgeon does a good job, you should have excellent results.
My wife had a knee replaced in the fall of last year, and it went very well for her. Wishing you the best, and be safe.

Weetabix said...

Good luck! I had a knee replaced a few years ago, and life was incredibly better afterwards.

Aaron said...

Old Al: Thanks!

juvat: Thanks, looks like they worked.

Pigpen51: Thanks and that info is very cool. I think my pin is titanium be interesting to know if it was manufactured at your facility.

Weetabix: Thank you and I'm hoping it becomes a good result too.