Monday, January 17, 2022

Hip Replacement Day 5 - Full Speed Ahead On The PT

Pain remains controlled at about a 3-4 or so. Still not quite sleeping through the night but a little better.

Took my first shower yesterday which was rather nice.  The shower chair I had assembled remained assembled for the entire shower, which was happy-making. Did make me a bit light-headed but had been warned it might so was ready for that.

Pretty good line of bruises/redness near the incision site which is under a waterproof bandage that I'm not to remove. Not a lot of swelling, so the regular icing and anti-inflammatories are doing their stuff.

Had my first serious PT session today.  PT therapist was very detail oriented and wanted to see what I had been doing so far.

First thing she did after that was put tennis balls on the back legs of the walker and it caused me to walk with a much more normal stride as it now glides instead of halting on the rubber stoppers. Such a small fix and it's rather brilliant.

Next we conquered the 2 stairs between the bedroom and the kitchen and I can now handle those with pretty much ease. Another big small victory.

Then on to more exercises that she added to my current repertoire that proceeded to kick my tail nicely.  Need to run through them all again later today/tonight.

Still spending majority of the time sleeping as this is really tuckering me out and going to pass out again shortly.


drjim said...

Sounds like you're doing fine, Aaron. I **almost** had my right hip replaced, but then The Plague hit, and they assigned me to physical therapy, which actually worked.

Aaron said...

drjim: Thanks, it seems to be moving along. I was bone on bone in the right hip and nowhere to go but replacement. So far the replacement seems to be the right decision.

drjim said...

I've heard bone-on-bone can be extremely painful. The MRI of mine showed I wasn't there, but well on my way.

Before I had the eight weeks of PT to strengthen all the muscles, I was a good solid "6" on the pain scale at times. The only thing that kept me going during the PT was Tylenol and Tramadol!

Very good to hear you're progressing well.

Old NFO said...

Great news!

juvat said...

Glad things are going well and you’re getting better. Keep up the good work!