Thursday, October 14, 2021

When It Takes 7 Paragraphs To Get To The Lede . . .

You might just have a little media bias showing.

The Detroit News: Norway officials: Bow-and-arrow attack appears act of terror

It take 7 paragraphs into the story to get to the point that the killer was a Muslim and the mass murder was a probable act of terrorism, and  8 paragraphs to get to the point that he was known by the Norwegian police to be "radicalized", you may be trying to hide something.

Especially so when you get a dig at "right-wing domestic extremist" in the fourth paragraph.

Interestingly, an Islamist with a bow and arrow was able to simply walk around downtown Koningsberg and kill five people with alack of interference while doing so.

No calls so far for banning bows and arrows - yet.


Old NFO said...

Yet... sigh

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Nope, not yet, but give them time to blame the tool rather than the ideologically twisted individual behind the tool.