Friday, October 01, 2021

Flying IFR - Lesson 29 - Checkride Prep And Partial Panel Approaches

Today was a simulated checkride flying day.

Up to Flint for the ILS 27 full procedure, followed by a missed, then to the VOR 36 with a circle to land on 27.

Both went really well and i'd say the circle was my best yet.

Then on to an RNAV approach for 27 which went great.

Back to Pontiac and we did partial panel localizer back course 27L approached. 

Partial panel before even getting on the approach so being vectored without a heading indicator and using the compass which sucks. 

With only VOR Receiver 2 working I had reverse-sensing and also had to flip its frequency from the localizer to the Salem VOR to intercept the approach fix.  Kinda busy but not a bad approach.

Then went missed and did it yet again partial panel and then landed.

Some of my best approaches and overall feeling pretty decent, but the partial panel still needs some work, and I need to tighten up a few things, but I improved from last Friday so that's a good thing.

That's 1.9 with 1.6 simulated instrument, 5 approached, a hold and a decent landing.