Friday, October 15, 2021

The Swamp Takes Care Of Its Own

The New York Times: F.B.I. Official Fired Under Trump Wins Back His Pension

Behind a paywall, but the highlight is the firing of FBI director Andrew McCabe was reversed by the Justice Department and now he gets his sweet, sweet pension and bennies.

This is the same McCabe who already got the benefit of not being charged after lying to Congress three times and to other Federal officials.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Charges ruled out in McCabe lie case

Good to be part of the in-group, isn't it?

You try lying to Congress and federal investigators and see if you get the same deal.  I reckon not so much, and you can ask Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby among many others to confirm how this works for the non-favored-insider.


Old NFO said...

Must be nice... sigh

Joel H Kelly said...

The D.C. Vermin win again. How damn disgusting.