Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Move Over Murder Hornets, Make Way For Attack Deer

Just when you think the year won't get much weirder, we have the case of the Michigan attack deer.

The Detroit Free Press: 'I thought I was going to die': Woman attacked by deer in front yard, saved by son



Pigpen51 said...

Years ago, a Pastor here in Michigan hit a deer, with his wife and family. The deer came through the front window, and the Pastor covered his kids in the back seat, while the deer pawed the wife in the front seat, eventually cutting a vein or artery in her neck, causing her death.
I was attending Bible college in G.R. at the time, but I remember one of the professors telling us about it. Now it could have been just an illustration, but as I recall, it was told more as a news story, and not to illustrate anything.
I know that a friend hit a deer once, I stopped to help him, we picked the deer up, and it was not dead, it kicked me in the shin with a hind paw. It hurt like crazy. My friend, a couple of years older than me, said, no big deal, toss it into the trunk, and he took it to a bar down the road, where he said the owner had a gun, and off they went.
The craziness of rural people.

Aaron said...

PigPen51: Yep, deer can be tough and dangerous as well. Sounds like rural folk are rather practical.