Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Flying IFR - Lesson 31 - Some Bouncy Approaches

Quite the windy day today.  Gusts from 13-20 from 210 at Pontiac and once we were up learned there was reported turbulence and wind shear at Flint.

The reports were correct.

Rather bumpy in the Flint area and gusts of winds shifitng around to make life interesting.  Nice low broken ceiling as well, so actual instrument time was the order of the day.

I did the ILS 27 full procedure first, starting form the procedure turn.  Even with the winds I did it rather well and had the needles locked in nicely for a great final approach.  Then I went missed and did the published miss and hold. It again was not the best hold ever but I may have figured out some of the issues.  We will see next time.

Then on to the VOR 18 circle to 27 approach and that went very well with a good circle and a miss.

Then back to Pontiac.  Detroit Approach had me climb to 5,000 for traffic where we caught a nice tailwind pushing us to 130 knots and speeding ahead of another DCT aircraft, at 3,000 so we got to go first for the RNAV 27L circle to 27R.

Yes, now 27L is again out of service for more painting and the airport place is still a mess with taxiways being renamed.  It'll be great once its done, but it's not done yet. Apparently they're gong to flip back to using 27L and not 27R yet again.  Helluva gusty crosswind on landing, so I slipped it in to end the lesson.

Interestingly enough, even though it was pretty bouncy, by focusing solely on the instruments it made the bounces more palatable

Apparently I did pretty good and improved on holding course and altitude and catching things earlier.  So I'm getting closer to being done.

That's 1.8, 3 approaches, 2 holds, .5 actual instrument, 1.0 simulated instrument and a good landing.

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B said...

Try taking a copy of your chart and drawing the hold and your relative position to it.

Then find the entry with the least turning.

draw your vectors on it as well.