Sunday, October 17, 2021

Piper Playtime

Piper sez: "I love you red solo cup".

Unfortunately for the red solo cup, love bites. 

She does love to gnaw on solo cups, among everything else not bolted down, and even some things that are bolted down.

Piper also got some fun in this morning with Paxton, and Rocky, and Jett.

She kept up playing with the big dogs and doesn't shy away from them, nipping and barking with the best of them.  We still keep her on a leash but she'll run to its end to keep up with the other dogs.

But she couldn't quite pin Paxton until Jett came along.

Teamwork makes the dream work


This tired out all four dogs, which was good for all involved.


Old NFO said...

Tired puppy is a good puppy...for a while...

Aaron said...

Old NFO; Yep, the tiredness did last very long.