Saturday, October 16, 2021

A Night Out On The Farm

Bowers Farm that is.  Bowers Farm is a local farm owned by the local school board that runs a ton of educational activities for students, and it was having a Bourbon and Brews festival as a fundraiser tonight. So, we decided to go with a couple friends.

We parked in a parking lot near the farm and took the provided shuttle bus to the farm itself.

The place was packed and yet the crowd was very well-behaved throughout and very civil, if rather exuberantly friendly, and a tad (or more) inebriated.

We checked in at the gate, got our wristbands (yes they did check everyone's ID on entry to be sure everyone was of legal drinking age) and drink coupons.

Then we moseyed from building to building, sampling different brews and drinks as we went. All sorts of lovely samples to be had.

Each building or tent setup had a variety of Beers, ciders, wine, or harder stuff and the guide provided at entry made it easy to find what you might want to try.

Lots of beers I had never heard of were available to taste, with rather healthy pours, so I got to try out quite a few new ones, which was quite nice.  Lots were from Michigan breweries and it was neat to sample them.

The downside was with the crowd they had all of 2 food trucks and a pizza place working for food. They could have easily had four times the number of food trucks and not had any issues.  Line ups were very  long to order food, then getting the food after we ordered took over an hour and that was from the taco truck.  Upside, it was plenty of time to mosey around to try even more drinks, but an over hour wait time from a food truck is pretty slow.

We had gone to the taco truck as the line to order there was at least moving a bit, and the line for the BBQ joint hadn't moved an inch in the 10 minutes we had stood in line there.  Once the food was ready, it was in fact excellent. The long wait, cool night, and multiple drinks may have helped make it even tastier. I had a steak burrito that really was excellent, and Tash had a coupe tacos that also rocked.

We wandered around some more without further drinking to further burn off the alcohol, and then instead of taking the shuttle had a nice long walk to our car and headed home.  'Twas a nice and enjoyable night out, and a nice change of pace.


Old NFO said...

Change of pace is good, and that is WAY too long to wait for food, but they had a captive audience.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: That they did. I think they oversold the event a bit and weren't quite expecting the demand for food. Add a shortage of workers and that's what happens. On the upside money was raised for a good cause, and a lot of fun had by all.