Friday, October 15, 2021

Flying IFR - Lesson 32 - A Set Of Nice IFR Approaches And Horrible Holds

Did kinda a pre-stage checkride checkride today.

Weather was lovely for IFR - stable air with constant light rain, clouds down in the MVFR-IFR range and pretty calm.  Took off from 27R.

Took off and headed for Troy which went very well, aside from the f'ing hold. .  Did the RNAV 9 circle to 28 (yes it is now Runway 28 rather than 27 over there, repainted and everything) at Troy.  Good circle, have to be super careful not to drop below circling minimums at all but overall pretty good.

Thence to Flint, first for the ILS 9 which went very well, aside from the f'ing hold.  Then missed to do the VOR 18 circle to 9 which went really great aside from the f'ing hold.

Then back to Pontiac which was quite busy and as we headed there they switched to the 9 side.  Did the RNAV 9 approach and did it very nicely if I say so myself.  Went missed and we did it again into an absolutely superlative landing if I say so myself - and I do.  Just perfect.

Overall a pretty good flight. Was over-controlling a bit too much and having a lousy time controlling my altitude and the trim just did not want to work with me.  It improved a bit anyways.  Added stress was the radio reception on my side was kinda crappy, possible radio or headset jack problem that has now been squawked.

Holds are really beginning to annoy me.  On paper and in prepping for the written OI can get the right entry almost 100% of the time.  Put me in an airplane and for some reason the technique fails every f'ing time.  This makes no sense so it is clearly me doing something wrong.

Plan for Tuesday is a ground and simulator ride to figure out holds, which is a good idea.

That's 2.2, .5 actual, 1.5 simulated, 5 approaches , 3, count 'em 3 f'd up holds, and 1 excellent landing.


B said...

Like I said, DRAW THE F'ing hold on the sectional! either make copies or use old versions...but draw the damned course and then the god-dammed hold WHILE IN THE AIR. only takes a second but it WILL help.

Old NFO said...

Keep working on it!