Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Not Flying - Can You Hold, Please?

 Today was "Let's fix Aaron's inability to do holds day".

About time I took on this major source of frustration.

Discussed holds for a bit and then hit the simulator.

Started with some holds at Flint, did Troy and Saginaw too just for fun.

Working on it and drawing out the holds while flying as well as figuring out what I was doing wrong all the while.

I think I've finally got it and can now figure out what kind of hold entry it will be while in the plane.

 Next, I then got help and fixed and figured out how to actually do the teardrop and parallel entries strictly on my own without the GPS providing directions.

Very productive use of time this lesson, and I even got better flying the simulator.  

Looks like I just fixed the biggest problem I've been having.  We will do some actual holds in the plane on Friday to see if I've got it down.

That's 2.1 Ground Trainer, 2.1 Simulated Instrument, and 9 holds.


B said...


Aaron said...

B: Yep, figured out how to make it work and found the right way to make it happen.