Sunday, October 24, 2021

Mixed Messages From The Educational Establishment

There's very mixed messages coming out the of educational establishment.

On the one hand, parents are told their involvement in education is absolutely crucial:

Parent involvement in a child's education is crucial. When parents get involved in their children's education, children are more likely to do better in school, be better behaved, have more positive attitudes toward school, and grow up to be more successful in life.

On the other hand, parents are being told, rather vociferously, not to be involved.

If you try to learn what your children are actually learning, or dare opine against the current agenda of their being ideologically programmed, or dare try to have a say in what is being taught, or are concerned about school safety issues, then not only should you not be involved, but by doing so you're branded a likely domestic terrorist.

The National School Boards Association is now trying to walk back the unfounded accusations in their letter that led to the DOJ stating it would investigate parents who dared opine about the goings on at school board meetings, but the damage has been done.  Curiously their apology letter is not readily visible on their website. But, looking at the NSBA's website, its rather clear their agenda is less one towards education and more pushing the progressive agenda on kids and this nation.

Parents certainly do have a role in their children's education, and the need for more parental action and supervision over those who are setting the agenda for their children's education is now more apparent than ever before.


drjim said...

Time to home school, or do a private school if you can afford it.

Aaron said...

drjim: Yep, as a parent you need to be paying attention to what your kids are learning in school, that's for sure.