Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Flying IFR - Lesson 34 - Mostly Better

 I was flying N5337F today so no airplane issues, which is nice.

Good prelfight and was told we would do Troy Runway 9 circle to 27, followed by Flint's ILS 27 and VOR 36 circle to 27 and then Pontiac's ILS Back course 27L partial panel.

So got the clearance and it would be a bit sporty with crosswinds from 340 at 17-22 and a cloud layer around 3,000. 

Good takeoff and off to Troy we went.  The hold procedure at Celub comes up really fast as you're elaving Pontiac so you're scrambling to stay ahead of the process.

I correctly identified the hold entry and did the hold just fine.  Direct so not a big deal, but yay anyways.  Lots of wind pushing the plane around.  Did the approach complete with the circle and then went missed when I was 20 feet or so over the runway.

Then on to Flint so I had time to setup for the full ILS 27 procedure, begging with the hold.  Correctly identified the proper entry (teardrop this time) and did it correctly. So I may have just figured out holds.

I did the hold so well that Great Lakes Approach asked me to do it again for spacing, and I obliged and suspended the approach.

Then on to the approahc, very windy so a pain to keep the localizer centered but I got it down and had a good glidescope and a nice approach.

Then we did the VOR 36 and that went pretty well including setting the timer and everything else necessary for the approach.  Still very windy and shifty winds too.  

Back to Pontiac and Kevin turned off the G5s, zapping the Attitude indicator and HSI, leaving me to use the VOR receiver and compass for the approach.  

Kinda tricky.  You have to be on the localizer frequency but also tune in the Salem VOR on the same VOR unit as when you cross the Salem VOR radial you're at the final approach fix. Kinda more complicated flying it partial panel than with  fully functioning G5s.  Did it though with the reverse sensing and not screwing it up, did a nice landing.

Overall the remaining issue is I'm over-controlling the plane and need to lighten up, so the next few lessons will be in the simulator (Yay save money!, But boo oversensitive simulator).  

Just got to knockout the written and I'm ploughing through the study materials as both carefully and fast as I can.  Some questions are just a major pain in the you know what.

That's 2.0 with 1.3 simulated and .5 actual, 4 approaches, 2 holds and 1 nice landing.