Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Not Flying - Simulator Fun And Follies

Simulators suck.  Way over sensitive,  instruments, switches and other stuff doesn't match that which is on the planes, and yes that sucks.

The only thing good about them is they cost less than the plane costs, by a lot.

Today, as you may have guessed, was not a good non-flying day.

Yep, I was all over the place, couldn't get used to the overly-sensitive and touchy controls after flying the planes all this time. As soon as I get it under control it doth go off yet again.

Oh, and my holds suck.  I simply do not get holds.  I get the theory, I can tell you which entry to fly to enter them - (Direct, Parallel or Teardrop)  except interestingly enough, when I'm on the reciprocal/same course for the hold - then the theory and system for knowing the right entry explodes, does not work, is as nothing. Crap.

Of, course today's hold was on that exact situation, flying a course of 097 degrees towards the fix to get back to the fix in a hold via the 097 radial (277 degree course).  Theory does not work and brain is now fried.   Not happy making.

Then the issue is of how exactly to actually fly the entries is a major pain, typically 45 degrees or 30 degrees to intercept the return course but how exactly to do it exactly is a major PITA. 

We could just follow the GPS guidance or use the hold advisor from Foreflight but that's not allowed.

Did I mention I now really hate holds? 

Yep, I really need to figure this crap out.


B said...

Holds were the bane of my instrument flying lessons. I too sucked at them.

And I have NEVER gotten a hold since getting my instrument ticket.
The garmin 750 in the 340 does holds for you. Just enter the waypoint and the radial at which to hold.

B said...

Oh, and the sensitive controls on the simulator are the result of no one bothering to do the setup properly.

Old NFO said...

Better to find out now than in the air. Just sayin...