Tuesday, April 06, 2021

It's Not Like We Didn't Tell You That Woke Policies Have Consequences

Ah, those lovely and oh-so predictable moments when those woke-inspired policy choices come back to bite the Progressives in the butt.   Sadly thenon-woke get to suffer the consequences of their policy choices as well. 

1. Defund the Police:  Conservatives and others with common sense pointed out this was not a good idea and would lead to more crime and violence.

To no one's surprise, it did lead to increased crime and violence.

The Oregonian, first supported the defund the police movement, and defunding the Portland Police’s gun violence team in particular. They are now shocked, simply shocked, and dismayed at the violence, shootings and deaths that have resulted.  

The Oregonian is now advocating to reinstate the Portland Police’s gun violence team  after the reality of the crime increase after its disbandment and to actually fund the police, but the woke running Portland still have other ideas and will likely double-down on their failure.

2.  Ending Cash Bail / Low Bail:  Again, this has been pointed out to be a very bad idea with lots of consequences by releasing criminals onto the streets to continue to commit crimes.

Yep this Illinois state senator, advocated for and passed the law for eliminating cash bail. He's now all sorts of surprised when he's a victim of crime and the criminal who committed the crime against him gets out on low bail and can go on committing crimes? 

At least it's nice that someone who passed this idiotic law has to live with the consequences of his actions rather than being able to wall himself from the consequences of those actions.  This no cash bail policy has led to more crime everywhere it has been tried in the US so far, yet the progressives show no signs of backing away from this crime-increasing policy.  

These defund the police and no cash bail policies are brought to you by the same fools who couldn't figure out the correlation between criminals being locked up and resulting low crime rates.

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drjim said...

Well, couldn't think of a more appropriate mugging victim! Reap What Ye Sow, and all that.