Thursday, April 08, 2021

University Visit: Johns Hopkins

From Philadelphia we headed to Maryland, stopping overnight in Newark, Delaware.

We then drove into Baltimore and headed to Johns Hopkins.


Another reach school with both excellent reputation and wonderfully strong science and research programs where even undergrads get to participate in serious research its definitely one of her top reach pics. 

The main camous grounds are absolutely beautiful.




Downside is that it is in Baltimore. 

University (unarmed) Security was everywhere on the main campus.   I mean everywhere and in multiples.  You don't have that level of security unless you need it.  The main campus even so is however very nice and in a reasonably nice area.  Still that's a factor to be considered.

The medical campus however is in a much more sketchy location.

Overall, it is one of her top choices along with U Penn and CM, but they all have a shockingly low acceptance rate so we will see what happens come application time.


B said...

Surrounded by only the best of neighborhoods.....

Aaron said...

B: Yep, all that security around campus and at every entrance into to campus is there for a reason. Great education, lousy neighborhood indeed.

B said...

My Sister in Law graduated from there 20 years ago....I doubt the neighborhood surrounding has gotten better.