Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday Match Day - First Outdoor USPSA Match Of 2021

I got up early this morning, Picked Tosh up along the way and headed to the range.

First outdoor match of the season and my first as a certified RO.  Happily enough it rained both before and after, but not during, the match.  So we had mud but we were not playing in the rain, which was nice.

It was a special classifier match - 6 classifiers and 1 field course.

The classifiers interestingly enough all required movement which made them a bit more fun than the traditional stand and deliver classifier courses of fire. 

I had a good squad to RO and we moved right along.  I brought along the Glock with the 509T and shot Concealed Carry Optics from my carry appendix holster and appendix Koala mag pouch as you can now shoot form appendix in CCO division. 

Still awaiting the results, but I think both using the same drawstroke and having put in some dryfire time have made me a tad bit better.  I'm definitely more accurate and slightly faster but there is still lots of room for improvement.  Probably still C-Class but hopefully a bit more towards the upper end, but we'll see.  Hit factors were generally and consistently in the  high 4s to 5 somethings which was an improvement for me.

Overall it was a good match and I ro'd rather smoothly.  

I only had the one horrible, awful, no-good very bad stage.  Last one of the day - the darkhouse field course.  12 paper targets.  I was shooting first of course.

It started well from the entryway I was hitting targets with aplomb, but as I entered the darker interior the 509T dimmed slightly and I lost the dot which was an unpleasant surprise.  That was not happy-making.  I then fumbled the reload as well. So yes, it sucked and I ended up owing hit factors for that one.  Learned a lot from that mess though and I'll make sure it won't happen again, so that's something.

Overall a darn fun and positive start to the match season.


Old NFO said...

Nicely done! ROing is always stress making...

Aaron said...

Old NFO: It is stressful, mainly because I don[t want to make a mistake and mess up things for the shooter. The squad I had was a solid and safe bunch of shooters though, and made my job pretty easy most of the time.

But, I really need to improve my shooting.