Thursday, April 08, 2021

0 For 5 So Far in 2021

The progressive woke left must be sorely disappointed.

Out of 5 of the most recent mass-shooting/vehicle/knifing incidents, none have been by the dreaded "white supremacist" / "white insurrectionist" type.  Heck, none were even committed by known Trump fans.

Instead we've got:

Atlanta massage parlor shootings - nutcase with sex addiction

Colorado Mass Shooting - Islamist Syrian

California Orange County mass shooting- Hispanic

Capitol Attack - Black and member of the Nation of Islam

Fort Detrick attack - Black

Hardly an array of right-wing extremists there. Each time, of course, the leftists jump on Twitter and elsewhere and proclaim it must have been the work of white supremacist males, or Trump supporters, or something similar, until the facts came out, and then it fades rapidly from the news, except for a call for more gun bans.

That must be disheartening.  

Now, I'm sure at some point some loser white-supremacist type will crawl out of his mother's basement and do something stupid. At which point the left will dance in the blood and proclaim "right-wing extremism" to be the most pressing issue of our times, ignoring all the left-wing violence and Islamist violence.

But until then, the lefties would be better off waiting for the facts to come out before beating their white male extremist drum.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

You fail to see the systemic racism. White-supremacists are failing to do their part to support the "narrative". Passive resistance to reforming society is still racially motivated resistance.

Aaron said...

WSF: I'm halfway suprised that the Lefties didn't just call them all white-adjacent or white-hispanics or white-blacks to blame it all on the boogeyman of White-supremacists.