Tuesday, April 06, 2021

University Visit: For U, It De Penn

We spent the night in Bradford PA, and then in the morning headed to Philadelphia, the home of The University of Pennsylvania.

Established in 1740, and founded by Benjamin Franklin,  its first President, it has a lot of history to offer.

 It has some very stately architecture.

It also has some iconic sculptural works around the campus.

As important as all of that, it has a highly regarded and rigorous science and biology research department, which is what the kid is looking to study.

Again, every building was shut tighter than a drum, but we got to see the outside of the buildings and quite a few students were around. The bookstore/spirit store was open, so shopping occurred.  

The area around campus is rather nice with a variety of shops and restaurants, many aimed at the hungry college student so dinning occurred as well.

Overall it's definitely one of her top choices to apply and reach towards.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

If she opts to go for an MBA, Wharton is as good as it gets. It might have a few equals but no superiors.

drjim said...

WoW! She's sure picked some first-rate colleges to investigate.

I just wasn't meant for college. Did great the first two years at the local college, and did a HUGE crash-and-burn when I went away for my junior year.

I wasn't prepared, didn't take proper prep classes, didn't really know what I wanted to do, and had no road map of how to do it.

I wish her all the best in her education and career.

Aaron said...

Eaton Rapids Joe: The kid is pushing for hard science research not business, but that very well may change.

drjim: Yep, she's sure aiming high. These schools have amazingly low acceptance rates - Penn for example takes in 8% of applicants so it's a reach. Then again she's a straight-A student, does extra-curriculars, and is all kinds of smart so she's at least got a shot.