Monday, April 12, 2021

Gov Half-Whit: We're Having a Surge of Covid Because Of Low Infection Rates

So how well is that harsh lockdown approach working for you, Michigan?

Apparently not very well.  

Michigan, with one of the most severe lock-down policies in the nation, now leads the nation in infection rates. Gov. Whitmer pushes for more vaccine doses as COVID-19 cases surge

Governor Whitmer told CBS News, “We are seeing a surge in Michigan despite the fact that we have some of the strongest policies in place, mask mandates, capacity limits, working from home. We’ve asked our state for a two-week pause,” Whitmer said in an interview on “Face the Nation” a segment on CBS News. “So despite all of that, we are seeing a surge because of these variants. And that’s precisely why we’re really encouraging them to think about surging vaccines into the state of Michigan.”

. . .

According to CBS News, Whitmer states the spike in positive infection rates in the past is due to low infection rates and individuals having a lack of antibodies.

Hmm,  governor, mayhaps these low infection rates and lack of antibodies are due to a wrong-headed and excessive lock-down policy.  

The same policy that prevented any herd immunity or community resistance due to lack of exposure of healthy individuals to the virus that were unlikely to be harmed by the virus and now makes them open to be infected and pass this on now?  

You know, due to the same overwrought and excessive policy made by this same governor perhaps?

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Pigpen51 said...

The Empress of Lansing would prefer that people have to follow her EO's, and get a vaccine, in order to avoid the virus. That way, she will claim that it was only through her extremely competent leadership that we avoided total and complete apocalypse. Re-election is coming up for her soon, you know.
She can't have people being able to fight the virus the way that they have for thousands of years, by their perfectly and intelligently designed bodies natural immunity. As one of those policy wonks said last week, people might just go out and enjoy themselves without bothering to get a vaccination.
If this crap happening was not real, I would swear that some fiction writer had made up the entire last year and a half or so, including the pandemic, and the election, plus the lead up to it, the impeachment, the death of RBG and the rapid replacement, etc. No, as I think of it, a work of fiction such as this would be just too unbelievable for anyone to buy, and nobody would dare to write such a far fetched piece of crap.