Friday, April 30, 2021

Looking for a Fox

And Found Two.

While walking Jett, a neighbor waved me over.  

Their neighbor had caught a fox by their porch.



We took a look.  He gave a little bark-like sound as we approached but otherwise he was rather calm about the whole thing.

He and Jett looked each other other, but neither growled nor barked at the other, nor were they aggressive. 

Then I noticed some movement. To the right of the house was another trap.

Turned out the neighbor had actually caught two foxes. 

This one was rather cute as well, and maintained eye contact the whole time we looked him over.

 I expect they will get dropped off at the nature preserve or released elsewhere.

Lots of wildlife is moving about this spring.


B said...

Why trap foxes? They are great as small rodent control, seldom harm pets or children.
They really are not a danger to humans in any way.

Old NFO said...

Hopefully no rabies there.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Saw a pair of owls in back of the house yesterday. Second time in a week. Never seen any before. Heard them on occasion.

Aaron said...

B: Don't know what the motivation was, not something I'd do myself and would rather have them roam around free. Possibly since those neighbors have some little kids and they didn't want a possible interaction with a litter of foxes in their backyard.

Old NFO: I hope not. They were pretty calm, no foaming at the mouth or anything else.

Chuck Pergiel: That is pretty cool, owls are neat.

B said...

I hope they don't already ahve a den with kits.

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